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Ashwin Engineering Innovations, LLC, is there to support You

Ashwin Engineering Innovations, LLC was registered as a privately owned LLC on January 21, 2019 in Ohio, USA.
Ashwin Engineering Innovations, LLC  invests in technology- with special focus on established tech companies with innovative products in the pipeline, automotive technology, emerging technologies with potential to improve healthcare of persons with diabetes / other chronic health conditions and supporting selective technology startups. The company has also been supporting tech talent including investments in Y-combinator start up companies. In addition philanthropy remains a core mission of the company. 
The inspiration and impetus for starting the company  was provided by Ashwin Y. Krishna, student of mechanical engineering at the reputed School of Engineering, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA.  Ashwin Krishna's love for technology, innovation, contributions to development of the Michigan Hybrid and Michigan Electric Racing Cars, the guidance provided by him after attending the advanced automobile technology course at the University of Nagoya (Nagoya - the heart of automobile manufacturing) in Japan, and global business strategy and development training at the world headquarters of a multinational engineering technology company, in essence laid the foundation of Ashwin Engineering Innovations, LLC.  The credit for much of the content of this website and the seed money to start the company are also valuable contributions from Ashwin Krishna that helped launch this company.
The promoter of the company A. Y. Krishna, MD, FACP, FACE has over two decades of experience in successful management of health care businesses which have included running a reputed medical practice, clinical research program with sponsors including some of the biggest health care institutions in the USA as well as major international pharmaceutical companies, reputed medical weight loss program and successful implementation of advances in technology in clinical practice. He has been a member of the IT and technology review committees at health institutions. He has advocated at the congressional and senate offices as well as with senior government officials in Washington, DC, to improve access to healthcare related technologies for patients.  Actively served on various boards of important medical professional organizations at both the state and national level in the US. Education and training in the US has been at New York Medical College affiliated hospital, Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, and leadership training at Harvard T. C. Chan School of Public Health. 
The company has excellent resources. This includes access to corporate attorney firm, financial advisers from some of the biggest brokerage firms in the US, bankers from the business and private banking division of major US banks, as well as ability to tap independent experts in engineering, healthcare technology , finance and management.
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