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Honor List of Awardees

Ashwin Krishna Viking Award- Plaque and Scholarship

Robert S. Crawford -2019
Lauren Roncone-2020

Katherine Cantor-2021

Zachary Ohler-2022

Zoe Zollinger-2023

Ruishen Hu-2024

Ashwin Krishna Leadership Award -Plaque and Scholarship

Aaron James McFeaters-2019
Cade X. Houston-2020
Sarah Kocher-2020

Isabel Medina-2021

Andrew Mallamaci-2021

Samantha Kocher-2022

Angela Roshak-2022

Kosta Volas-2023

Timothy Drew Stangelo-2023

Brynn Boylan-2024

Calista Leghart-2024

Ashwin Krishna Engineering Award -Plaque and Scholarship


Shannon Griswold-2023

Riley Wolfe-2024

Hoover H.S. Viking Boys’ Tennis Trophy and Award

Matthew Warburton-2019
Jacob Wood-2020

John Roshak-2021

Colin Fitzgerald-2022

Kaden Schans 2023

Luke Roshak-2024

Hoover H.S. Viking Girls’ Tennis Trophy and Award

Abigail Altman-2018

Abigail Altman-2019

Sarah Esterle- 2020

Isabelle Warburton-2021

Cecilia Holben-2022

Lindsey Crawford-2023



Ashwin Krishna Automotive Engineering (NUSIP) Japan Scholarship

Click for details:--> Program Brochure (

Matthew Tsui-2024

Ashwin Krishna Humanitarian Grants

Child Fund International

Vision-A world in which every child realizes their rights and achieve their potential.

The grant in 2020 was designated for 'Vocational Training and Tools'-to provide specialized training for in demand careers to give under privileged ambitious youth a real chance for a bright future 

Akron Canton Food Bank

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