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Ashwin Engineering Innovations, LLC is excited to support  startups whose product development is aligned with our company's vision.
We take pride in supporting entrepreneurship in the US. Supporting innovation is the key to maintaining US leadership in science and technology.
Funding for these companies was provided in the early to late startup phase. Some may become publicly traded companies in the future.

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Our Portfolio of Startups

Aptera Motors:
(Carlsbad, CA)
Developing high efficiency road vehicles including (BEV) battery electric vehicle with a 1000 mile range.
Aims to deliver the most energy efficient vehicles on the planet.

Monogram Orthopedics:
(Austin, TX)
Ushering in the future of joint reconstruction. Combining 3D printing and robotics with automated digital image analysis algorithms to enable mass personalization of the next generation of orthopedic implants.

Shark Wheel:
(Orange County, CA)
Revolutionary wheel development with potential application from skate boards to transportation related and industrial applications.

Travelmate Robotics:
(Las Vegas, NV)
Believes in robotics + artificial intelligence + smartphone=future of technology. Developed fully autonomous suitcases and robot.

Quadrant Biosciences:
(Syracuse, NY)
Developed world's first epigenetic saliva test for autism. Working on developing similar tests for other neurologic conditions. Also developed a new rapid simple saliva swab to diagnose COVID-19 virus.

Miso Robotics:
(Pasadena, CA)
Artificially intelligent robots to increase efficiency, and food quality for the entire restaurant industry. Cloud connected learning platform, 3D, thermal and regular vision, world's first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills overtime.

(Austin, TX)
At the forefront of virtual reality innovation and redesigning the future of entertainment. Creator of Omni an omni-directional treadmill allowing users to walk and run inside popular games and virtual worlds. Innovation that positively impacts the way we game and exercise.

Y-Combinator tech startup portfolio includes:

(San Francisco, CA)
Phishing security and drills for companies
(San Franciso, CA)
Using artificial intelligence for a better sales playbook platform for companies
API Tracker:
(Mountain View, CA)
Helping companies make better API (application programming interface)- driven products
Deep Source:
(San Franciso, CA)
Find and fix issues during code reviews
(Silicon Valley, CA)
Trucking on demand-innovative A.I. platform to help thousands of truck drivers who are likely to be displaced by autonomous trucks in the coming decade.
(Los Angeles, CA)
Automating API development

Onboarding, managing, paying the international teams of a company

Creating and managing powerful workflo in minutes that a burgeoning company needs to run smoothly

The only observability and data platform built for mobile

(San Francisco, CA)
Car rental that comes to you. Disrupting the car rental model at the right time.

(fka BitPargos)
Bringing easy electronic payments to Latin America.

Community marketplace of classes for kids. Virtual small group classes.

Rose Rocket:
Modern software for the trucking industry

(fka Inside Sherpa)
(New York, NY)
Build experience and skills with this company -backed virtual work experience.

Human Interest:
(San Francisco, CA)
A modern paperless 401(k) provider for small businesses and startups.

(Mountain View, CA)
Track and manage the APIs companies use.

(Webpage updates ongoing as startups take wings and get set to fly)

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