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Team work
Ashwin Krishna Viking Scholarship

$1000 scholarship and Plaque to a senior at Hoover High School, North Canton, Ohio in recognition of outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievements and in appreciation of leadership, compassion, ethics and humility

Ashwin Krishna Leadership Award

$500 award and Plaque each to two deserving seniors at Hoover High School, North Canton, Ohio who demonstrates leadership in sports, academic excellence, selflessness and high moral values.

Ashwin Krishna Engineering Award

$500 award and Plaque to a senior at Hoover High School, North Canton, Ohio in recognition of academic excellence in STEM with demonstration of passion, team spirit and dedication in innovative engineering projects

Hoover High School Vikings Tennis Trophy and Cash Award
-Varsity Boys- 

Elegant trophy and a $400 cash award -In recognition of Ethics, Humility, Dignity, Respect and Class,
to a Hoover High School Varsity Boys' Tennis Team member 

 Hoover High School Vikings Tennis Trophy and Cash Award
-Varsity Girls- 

Elegant trophy and a $400 cash award -In recognition of Ethics, Humility, Dignity, Respect and Class,
to a Hoover High School Varsity Girls'Tennis Team member.

Ashwin Krishna
Automotive Engineering (NUSIP) Japan Scholarship

Program Brochure ( › nusip
(details under 'Finances' tab)
$1000 to deserving students to participate in Nagoya University Summer Intensive Program (NUSIP) on advances in automotive technology, under the International Exchange Program of the Graduate School of Engineering,
Nagoya University, Japan.

Scholarship recipient  selection coordinated by University of Michigan and by Nagoya University, Japan-NUSIP.

(This scholarship is to support Ashwin's 
keen desire to help others experience
Japanese technology and culture)

Sponsorship of Engineering College Student Teams

designing and building innovative automobiles
and competing in national / international competitions-example:

'AI For Good Foundation'
Artificial Intelligence for Good Foundation
(Annual Donor)
Chartered in 2016, the 'AI for Good Foundation' fosters activities to maximize the benefit of
artificial intelligence and
machine learning technologies 
for social good
through the lens of
global sustainable development

Sponsorship of
Canton Carnival of Wheels (CCOW)

CCOW is a fundraiser
to generate scholarships to benefit deserving students enrolled in
Stark State College’s
Automotive Technology Program in Canton, Ohio, USA.

Undergraduate Scholarships awarded by the
Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) Foundation
(Annual Donor)

SAE is a global association of more than 128,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. 

SAE Mission: To advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the benefit of humanity.

The charitable arm of SAE--the SAE Foundation, supports programs that inspire curiosity in STEM, helping students succeed, educators excel and corporations achieve their business goals.

SAE has been an important sponsor of automobile projects that Ashwin Krishna passionately worked on. Now Ashwin Engineering Innovation, LLC is committed be a long term SAE foundation donor.

Mechatronics Engineering-BS
Kent Sate University, Kent, Ohio

(Ashwin Krishna-Sustaining Annual Gift)
To encourage and support students to pursue their passion in engineering and technology.
Mechatronics engineering revolves around the design, construction and operation of automated systems, robots and intelligent products, which result from the integration of software and hardware

Stark State College Foundation Fund   (Donor)

In support of Science, Engineering Technology, Automotive and Transportation Technology programs at Stark State College, North Canton, Ohio

Ashwin Krishna Humanitarian Grant

$250 - $500 grant annually to non profit organization / charity engaged in humanitarian work. 

Active Minds

Recurring donation established to one of the nation's premier non profit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults.

Local Community Development Donations
including at Price Park, North Canton, Ohio are planned.

Contributed to the Global Fight against COVID-19

Supporting Clinical Trials

Supported COVID-19 relief efforts in India

Ashwin NUSIP-Japan
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